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BoostC 8.01 Function Call Limit?

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   since using BoostC 8.01 I  have come across the message "Can't fit avoid code boundary code....". I have followed a couple of (Novo RTOS) posts about this (or similar) message and it seems that this incarnation of the compiler now builds a table (of return addresses?)for each call of a function. Because the table is only 256 entries long it effectively limits the number of times the function can be called (to 256).

Is my understanding correct so far?

256 calls may seem to be "a number unlikely to be exceeded" - but in my code and on bigger processors I use a lot of serial communication and my send_uart_char() , send_uart_str(), etc functions are used <a lot>.  

If this is a new limitation, then it is going to cause me a deal of pain with my existing libraries and programs - as a "pro user" I have to maintain these for a customer base....

Anyone else  experiencing this problem? Pavel, any comments on this? Could a compile switch be created to allow bigger call tables to be used?


Migration to Chameleon - ok, a possibility - but from what I have seen on the forum it is by no means "straightforward" - again this is going to cost me significant work time...

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