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Extern Variable Already Exists

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Bug description:

Problem still exists with variables which are declared "extern", defined in one file, and accessed in another. Seems to depend on data type modifier:

Variables of type unsigned char, signed char, unsigned short etc. do not work (error says "variable already exists"), whereas variables of type char, int, or short seem to work ok. At least there is no error message. I did not do a functional test in this case.


Steps to reproduce:


Build a project containing 3 files: Main.c, module1.h, and module1.c.


---Main.c, begin---

#include <system.h>


#include "module1.h"


void main(void)


Mod1Var = 1;



---Main.c, end---


---module1.h, begin---

//#define MY_DATA_TYPE int // ok

//#define MY_DATA_TYPE signed char // NOT ok

//#define MY_DATA_TYPE unsigned char // NOT ok

//#define MY_DATA_TYPE char // ok

#define MY_DATA_TYPE unsigned short // NOT ok

//#define MY_DATA_TYPE short // ok


extern MY_DATA_TYPE Mod1Var;


extern void Mod1Func(void);

---module1.h, end---


---module1.c, begin---

#include "module1.h"




void Mod1Func(void)




---module1.c, end---


Activate one of the #define lines and build the project.


Expected behaviour: Should compile ok with all the data types.


What happens instead with data types marked as "not ok":

compiler error: module1.c(5:16): error: variable 'ModVar1' already exists


Is the problem 100% reproduceable: yes


IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 5.6.1

Compiler: BoostC

Compiler version: 1.1 Alpha

OS: Win XP Home SP2



Anyway, BoostC looks very promising :-)

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