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Boostc Generates No Bcf For Clear_bit(var,bit)

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Bug description:

BoostC generates no BCF instructions in clear_bit(var,bit)

Steps to reproduce:

compile the following example with boostc


#include <system.h>

char beta;

void main()
 beta = 0x0f;
 set_bit(beta, 5);
 clear_bit(beta, 3);


compiles with boostC to the following

void main()
1FF9           main; function begin

 beta = 0x0f;
1FF9          ; {
1FF9          ; {
1FF9   0F30            MOVLW	0x0F
1FFA   A000            MOVWF gbl_beta
1FFB          ; }

 set_bit(beta, 5);
1FFB          ; {
1FFB   A016            BSF gbl_beta,5
1FFC          ; }

 clear_bit(beta, 3);
1FFC          ; {
1FFC   F730            MOVLW	0xF7
1FFD   A005            ANDWF gbl_beta
1FFE          ; }

1FFE   0800            RETURN
1FFF          ; }
1FFF          ; main function end - Exit PCLATH/Uncertainty: 0x3:0x0



Expected behaviour:

Compiler should generate BCF gbl_beta,3 for the expression clear_bit(beta, 3)

this code generation is not wrong, but it would be much nicer using BCF, than

loading a literal constant and anding it with the variable





SourceBoost DE version: 5.6.1

Compiler: BoostC 1.3 Alpha


Remark: C2C 5.6.1e generates the expected code


OS: Win2000

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Fixed in BoostC 1.4 Alpha release. I also discovered that when 16 bit variable is used inside clear_bit macro compiler generates unoptimized code (8 instructions). This has been changed too (now only 1 instruction is generated).




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