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Boostc: Pointer Arithmetic

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Bug description:

pointer arithmetic expression evaluation is not consistent, very often results in

error: failed to generate expression


Steps to reproduce:

compile the following with BoostC


#include <system.h>

const char* d;
const char* s;
const char* res;
int length;

void main()
 d += 1024;
 res = d - s;  // what's wrong with this expression ?

 res = d;    // splitting up the expression works
 res -= s;   //

 length = (int) res;   // length is 1023


Expected behaviour:

the compiler should evaluate all pointer arithmetic expressions correctly and

there should be no difference if you write p = p - a; or p -= a;


Is the problem 100% reproduceable: yes


IDE version: SourceBoost IDE 5.6.1

Compiler: BoostC

Compiler version: Alpha 1.4

OS: Win2000



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