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Boostc Compiler Bug

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I would have edited this into my previous post, but it still needs to be "moderated" so I can't access it.


#include <system.h>

struct ConvertThis 
 int arrayOne[15];
 int *pArrayTwo[15];

void main()
 struct ConvertThis ArrayConvertThis[3];
 struct ConvertThis *pArrayConvertThis[3];
 int i,j;
 pArrayConvertThis[i]->pArrayTwo[j] = &(pArrayConvertThis[i]->arrayOne[j]);
 (ArrayConvertThis + i)->pArrayTwo[j] = &(ArrayConvertThis[i].arrayOne[j]);


The line:

(ArrayConvertThis + i)->pArrayTwo[j] = &(ArrayConvertThis.arrayOne[j]);


gets the errors:


convertthis.c(17:2): error: failed to generate expression

convertthis.c(17:39): error: failed to generate expression


This error post was for 1.7alpha too

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