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Sourceboost Ide Won't Compile Any Program

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Bug description:

Configuration old PC

PC pentium III 600 MHz

OS: Windows XP


Configuration new PC

PC pentium 4 3.2 GHz with Hyper Threading


I can't compile any program on my new PC. Also not the souceboost examples

I always have to start the ide several times before the ide start complete.

When i look in the task manager i can see the IDE.EXE several times.


Steps to reproduce:

On my old PC everythings works perfect.

I always have that problem on my new PC.


Expected behaviour:

Compile and build the examples from sourceboost.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:


This problem happens every time on my new PC


IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 5.7

Compiler: Tested with BoostC and C2C-plus

Compiler version: 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

Target device: All the devices

OS: Windows XP



Is this a timing problem or threading problem ?

I have tested sourceboost on another PC


PC pentium 4 2.8 GHz without Hyper Threading.

There i only have to start the ide several times before the ide start complete.

On that PC i can compile and build the examples from sourceboost.

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SourceBoost has been extensively tested with hyperthreaded processors (I am using a 3GHz one right now) so I don't expect that will be the cause of the problem. On my PC I can turn hyperthreading off in the CMOS setup, maybe you can try this.


The processor speed could be a possibility, but its also strange how you see a similar problem on a 2.8GHz processor. I see no such problems on my 3.0GHz intel CPU.


On the bad PC, can you lauch the compiler and linker from the command line.


The compiler and linker are single threaded applications, so its hard to see what might be causing this problem - maybe something else OS or PC hardware - I can't see why it should.




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I found my two problems:


1) I have to start sourceboost several times: I have disabled my avast anti virus and now sourceboost starts every time.


2) Couldn't compile: I installed the sourceboost environment on d: My c: is SATA disk maybe is that the problem.



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I know the problem.

AVAST is really bad!! it thinks that the linker binary is a trojan virus.

I placed an exemption on the file itself, everything in the install directory .. and guess what ... avast! doesn't like reading its OWN exception system.

I submitted the file response that the file has been tagged incorrectly and nothing happened on the next update.


As a win32 developer I understand the importance of making sure that important .. no VITAL .. systems like exceptions in an AVP are, I've had problems with this before of the same nature, thinking something I wrote was a virus, and because of that I could not launch the software as I hoped. I even phoned them up and tried explaining this to them and they insisted the file "must have become infected" even tho I had only just linked it to binary.


I would suggest that SB contact them (btw SB: you can sue them for undermining an established product thereby reducing your saleability)




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