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Problems Programming A Boostc Hex, But Not C2c Hex

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I am having difficulty programming (writing the hex file to the pic) when I build with boostc, but if i change the toolsuite to c2c-plus and then build it programs fine. I am using a dev board for a 16f877 from ett and the ett software to program. When I call up a hex file that was created via c2c it programs fine (my programming indicator bar and the led on the board show progress) but when I try with the boostc hex, the led lights up and shows progress but the programming software doesn't and it never finishes (the led blinks forever).


If I build one of the sample projects for boostc it does the same thing.


Any Ideas?

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I suspect that this is you problem:




So if you delete the first line in the .hex file then it will probably work ok with your programmer.


This will be fixed in the next release :)




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