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Compiler Crash In Xp

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IDE 5.8

BoostC v1.9.2

PIC 16F627 @ 4MHz




The following is a very simple test program that consistently causes BoostC16.pic.exe to get an Internal Error. Attempting to compile this program more than once hangs my computer. I'm running XP, SP2.


#include <system.h>


char myArray[3][4] = {"abc", "def", "ghi"};


void main()










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Looks like a compiler bug :lol:


Workaround for now is something like:


char* myArray[3];


char* ptr0 = "abc";

char* ptr1 = "def";

char* ptr2 = "ghi";


void main()


myArray[0] = ptr0;

myArray[1] = ptr1;

myArray[2] = ptr2;






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