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fairly desperate help with Timer1

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so I have a function which initializes Timer1.


in my main I do the following:

intcon = 0;

pie1 = 0;

pir1 = 0;


adcon0 = 0;

   adcon1 = 6;   // Set PortA to Digital I/O

trisa = 0;   // PORTA to all output

trisb = 0;

trisc = 10100000b;

trisd = 0;     // PORTD to all output

t1con = 00110000b;   // tmr1 - 1:8 prescale, internal clock, turn off

option_reg = 0;             // portb pull-ups + tmr0 on clkout

set_bit(intcon, PEIE);     // PEripherial Interrupt Enable (need for any pie1 interrupt)

   set_bit(intcon, GIE);       // Enable Global Interrupts



followed by calling a function which does the following:

clear_bit(intcon, GIE);

clear_bit(t1con, TMR1ON);

tmr1l = 0;

tmr1h = 0x0b;

tmr1l = 0xdc;

clear_bit(pir1, TMR1IF);  // clear TMR1 overflow flag

set_bit(pie1, TMR1IE);    // enable TMR1 overflow interrupt

set_bit(intcon, GIE);

set_bit(t1con, TMR1ON);


while(1) nop();


in the debugger i see TMR0 incrementing, intcon is 196, pie1 is 1, TMR1L is 220, TMR1H is 11, and T1CON is 49 as expeted, but TMR1 never decrements!  It's driving me nuts!  (doesn't increment in debugger or on hardware)


anyone have any ideas?

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