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Handling Split Registers

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Ok well i am trying to implement some PWM control on my robot/micromouse and have come across a small problem (No thanks to microchip on this one).


Basically the duty of the PWM module is controlled by a 10 bit register, which is split with the high 8bits in CCPR1L and the lower 2bits in CCP1CON<6:5>


I would idealy like to use the whole 10bit regsister like a psudo 16bit register, which then would allow me to use a 16bit unsigned short to control it (rather than setting the 8bit regsiter and then sorting the 2 lsb)


Any ideas? I am sure its possible but cannot think of how to do it, my C books dont really apply to this sort of thing.


Many thanks,


- Martyn

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