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Proper Preprocessor Directives And Configs

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hello and g'day to all!

i just wanna ask what's the proper syntax for preprocessor directives and device configuration on boostc?



here's the partial part of the program:


#include <system.h>

#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000





list p=16F84A

__config 0x3ff9




..and i always got this errors:


REPEL.c(7): error: error in built-in assembly

REPEL.c(8): error: error in built-in assembly


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When using BoostC compiler you need to use:


#pragma DATA _CONFIG, _CP_OFF & _XT_OSC & _WDT_ON (I just randomly made this up)




#pragma DATA _CONFIG, 0x3FF9




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Sorry can't help with the GALEP 4 programmer.

Please create another topic with a request for this.




#pragma DATA

usage is covered in the BoostC help file :blink:

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